What Is Holistic Therapy?

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If you are beginning the journey of recovery from addiction, a well-rounded treatment approach will likely serve you best. While healing from substance use is rarely simple, ensuring care for your body, mind, and emotions makes a big difference. In holistic therapy treatment, precisely such a wrap-around treatment approach is centered. If you’re looking for a holistic program in Ohio, contact Ray Recovery. Our caring team is available at 888.598.6299, and we look forward to connecting you with quality care.

What Is Holistic Therapy Treatment?

Holistic therapy is a treatment approach that includes the usual features of substance use recovery but adds additional supportive offerings. Thus, clients still receive top-quality essential services such as detox treatment, one-on-one mental health counseling, and group therapy offerings. Beyond this, however, they also receive treatments that support physical wellness, an ongoing sense of peace and self-expression, and community.

A few examples of holistic therapy offerings include:

  • Yoga or other movement therapy – Engaging with disciples such as yoga, tai chi, or dance helps clients relax, regulate their breathing, and enjoy community. A natural way to calm the nervous system, yoga, and similar disciplines are wonderful ways to promote health, agency, and positive personal routines.
  • Nutrition Counseling – Sadly, the disease of addiction often wreaks havoc on clients’ bodies as well as their minds. Some drugs, such as methamphetamines and cocaine, suppress the appetite or trigger cravings for non-nutritive foodstuffs. This causes those who use them to suffer malnutrition. Moreover, many forms of drug use damage vital organs such as the heart, liver, and lungs. During recovery, it’s essential to ensure proper access to the amino acids and micronutrients needed to repair them. Nutrition therapy can offer clients specially made meals and/or access to training on how best to feed themselves going forward.
  • Animal-assisted therapy – Addiction can cause isolation, and returning to healthy relationships sometimes poses a major challenge for those in recovery. Animal-assisted therapy is a proven method for bridging the gap. Animals like horses and dogs are non-judgemental, highly intuitive, and give concrete, immediate feedback. All of this can be instructive and deeply regulating for clients.

Additionally, meditative practices or music therapies can be part of a holistic treatment approach.

What Benefits Can Clients Reap from Holistic Treatment Modalities?

The benefits of holistic therapy are enormous. Beyond the physical aspect, clients often gain spiritual wellness and a sense of belonging. Clients can feel part of something larger than themselves by engaging in offerings like animal-assisted or art therapy. Through heartful interaction and creativity, they can begin to expand their inner landscape in ways that create a lasting basis for health.

Holistic treatment also often teaches coping skills that more formal therapy does not cover. For instance, clients may identify specific breathing techniques or yoga poses that work particularly well for self-soothing. These can then become resources in challenging times following their period of formal treatment. For many, the skills gained in holistic therapy truly are resources to last a lifetime.

Greater self-esteem and interest in one’s ongoing development can also come out of holistic treatment. For one client, this might look like an ongoing engagement with healthy cooking. Another, receiving animal therapy, might choose to continue their positive interactions through volunteer work at a local humane society. For still another, the creative storytelling of dance or drama therapy could lead them to future self-expression through clubs or arts organizations.

Seek Holistic Therapy for Substance Use Disorder Recovery at Ray Recovery

At Ray Recovery, we’re committed to helping you or your loved one put addiction in your rearview mirror and regain access to your best life. We’re proud to offer a range of holistic therapy offerings in an outpatient setting that allows our clients flexibility. Call us at 888.598.6299 or fill out our confidential online form for more information.