Opioid Addiction Treatment Center Ohio

therapist discussing the advantages of an opioid addiction treatment center with clientIf you or your loved one is struggling and could use an opioid addiction treatment center, know that you’re far from alone. Prescription painkillers like Vicodin, OxyContin, and fentanyl are among the most frequently abused drugs today. Fortunately, this also means their effects and addiction processes are well understood, and effective treatment is available. If you’re seeking substance abuse treatment in the Hudson, Ohio area, contact Ray Recovery at 888.598.6299 or by online message.  

How to Determine If Opioid Addiction Treatment Is Needed  

Opioids are a powerful class of drugs that act as central nervous system depressants. This means that when used as intended, they can substantially reduce pain from major surgery or chronic conditions. On the downside, they affect the brain’s dopamine circuit in a way that can easily lead to chemical dependence. In these cases, those taking opioids become unable to function well without ongoing use. Moreover, opioids can become psychologically habit-forming because an intense “high” accompanies the drug’s pain-fighting power. 

Because opioid tolerance can rise dramatically, meaning you need increasing amounts to achieve the same effect, overdose risk is high. Tragically, given their depressant effects on key functions like respiration and heart rate, opioid overdose can easily result in death. It’s thus essential to get help right away if you’re taking opioids outside of their prescribed dosage and schedule for use. Here are a few signs that a dangerous opioid use pattern may be present:  

  • Dishonest behavior such as claiming one’s medication was stolen in order to request early refills, “doctor shopping” for multiple providers, buying pills illegally, or concealing the extent of one’s usage from loved ones 
  • Withdrawal symptoms like dilated pupils, muscle aches, sweating, fever, and insomnia occurring if opioids become unavailable for a time  
  • Declines in relationships, hobbies, school, or work performance due to reduced interest in activities  
  • Over-sedation or markedly low energy and lethargy 

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What Can I Expect From Opioid Addiction Treatment?  

In an opioid addiction treatment program, clients first receive an evaluation from a doctor or clinician. This assesses factors like the amount, frequency, and kinds of drugs the client is using. The evaluator will also consider family history and whether a co-occurring mental health concern is present. After evaluation, a customized treatment protocol can begin.  

Clients battling a severe physical dependence on opioids may need medically monitored detox to get the ball rolling. In this approach, those detoxing get 24/7 care and supervision from medical personnel who support them through the drug withdrawal experience. In some cases, providers may administer medication to manage symptoms, and, in general, key functions like clients’ blood pressure and fluid levels receive regular attention.   

Individual and group therapy form the next major components of opioid recovery. Interventions like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) are especially effective at giving clients more agency over their internal landscape. Many clients feel overwhelmed by cravings and challenging emotions that may prompt them to use. CBT helps them develop more positive self-talk and the ability to tolerate internal tension. Moreover, therapy helps clients make concrete plans for maintaining sobriety through strategies like contingency management. Clients may also make plans for longer-term support, like 12-step groups or aftercare programs.  

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