Akron Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

In 2007, drug overdose surpassed motor vehicle crashes as a leading cause of death in Ohio for the first time. Ever since, this trend has continued, and it has gotten worse.

Addiction research shows that outpatient treatment for drug and alcohol abuse is effective. If you or someone you know is an Akron resident facing addiction, finding an Akron drug and alcohol rehab center can help. So, what should you know? 

Ray Recovery is a fully outpatient addiction treatment center near Akron, OH. We treat most types of addiction and dual-diagnosis disorders. Get in touch with our team to learn more about Ray Recovery’s programs for addiction treatment near Akron. 

Choose Ray Recovery for Drug Rehab Near Akron

Not all drug rehab centers and programs are created equally. Here are some of the reasons why Ray Recovery is a great choice for an Akron addiction treatment center. Please give us a call if you need help with directions or have another question about getting treatment at Ray Recovery. 

Location and Facility 

Ray Recovery is located in Hudson, Ohio, about twenty minutes away from Akron. Our location makes Ray Recovery an ideal choice for those looking for an Akron drug and alcohol rehab center for themselves or someone they care about. You can get to Hudson from Akron via OH-8 N while driving. Transportation assistance is available to clients on a case-by-case basis.

Our facility is discreet, welcoming, and located in a high-end area. Clients benefit from on-site amenities such as a kitchenette and snacks at Ray Recovery. 

If you are interested in sober living near Ray Recovery, we can help you find and secure a placement. Sober living can make it easier to commute to treatment, and it provides an added sense of community and accountability. However, clients are also welcome to live at and commute from home.

Help With Dual Diagnosis Disorders

Other mental health conditions are common in those with substance use disorders. Addiction research shows that treating co-occurring mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, or trauma disorders leads to better treatment outcomes in people facing substance abuse when applicable.

Ray Recovery provides Akron, Ohio dual diagnosis treatment so that clients who live with co-occurring disorders can achieve the best possible treatment outcomes. 

Evidence-Based and Holistic Therapies

Our Ohio addiction treatment experts use a range of evidence-based treatments for substance abuse and any relevant co-occurring mental health concerns a client might face. Therapies and treatments used at Ray Recovery include: 

  • Community reinforcement and family training (CRAFT)
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) 
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Motivational enhancement therapy 
  • Medication management
  • Contingency  management
  • Trauma therapy 
  • Peer support 

Supportive holistic treatments offered by Ray Recovery include aromatherapy and yoga. Before you leave treatment, we’ll help you make a customized relapse prevention and aftercare plan to support your ongoing sobriety and success.

Insurance Coverage for Treatment

Although outpatient care is more cost-effective than inpatient treatment, paying out of pocket can be expensive. Our addiction treatment center near Akron accepts most major health insurance plans. You can check your benefits for mental health and substance abuse treatment at Ray Recovery online through our website or over the phone when you call our admissions line. 

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Akron Addiction Treatment Options

All of our outpatient addiction treatment options are convenient for clients in Akron and surrounding areas. Here are the two main levels of care available at Ray Recovery and a little bit about what to expect in each. Every client at Ray Recovery gets an individualized treatment plan designed by our licensed clinical therapists, so note that your schedule may differ slightly and will be unique to you. 

Partial Hospitalization Program

The partial hospitalization program (PHP) at Ray Recovery requires about 25 hours per week. Clients in Ray Recovery’s partial hospitalization program in Ohio usually come to treatment five days per week for around five hours per treatment day. PHP clients engage in daily groups, weekly or biweekly sessions with their individual therapist, and other services. PHP at Ray Recovery can be an alternative to inpatient rehab for clients who are able to manage symptoms outside of treatment hours.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Our Ohio intensive outpatient program (IOP) has a lower time commitment than PHP but still involves regular groups, individual therapy, and other services. The expected time commitment for IOP clients at Ray Recovery is over nine hours per week, distributed between 2-3 days or evenings throughout the week. IOP provides more time and flexibility for clients with external commitments like work or school. It can be a starting level of care or a transitional step for those who have finished PHP.

Gender-Specific Programs

Research reveals some gender differences in people’s experience with addiction and mental health. Having a comfortable space to heal and share what’s on your mind matters. Ray Recovery has a men’s drug rehab program where men can talk about societal pressure and other concerns that impact addiction and mental health in men.

We also have a women’s drug rehab program for those seeking drug rehab centers for women in Ohio. Ray Recovery is a safe place for women to discuss trauma and other concerns that affect their experiences with addiction and mental health. 

Call Ray Recovery for Akron Addiction Treatment 

Let Ray Recovery be a ray of hope for you or your loved one impacted by addiction. If you or someone you care about is looking for drug rehab in Akron, Ray Recovery is here. To learn more about Ray Recovery, verify your insurance benefits over the phone, or book a tour of our facility, call 888-839-2606 to reach our admissions line today. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) started in Ohio in 1935. Today, meetings are still held in the area. To find a resource that can help you locate AA near your zip code, go to the official AA website and click “Find AA Near You.” Many people find support groups like AA effective during and after addiction treatment. Virtual meetings are also available. 

Like AA, Narcotics Anonymous meetings can be a valuable resource and form of additional support. You can find NA meetings in Ohio by going to the official NA website (NA.org). Similar to AA, Narcotics Anonymous or NA meetings are available both in person and online.