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Substance Abuse Treatment Services

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a person raises their hands to the sky while on stairs after completing substance abuse treatment Substance use disorder (SUD) is a serious problem that plagues many communities and individuals. Treatment centers are vital to helping those struggling with substance use issues take back control of their lives. Substance abuse treatment services provide individuals with the tools and resources to break free from addiction. These services help equip participants with the skills they need to make healthy lifestyle changes while offering coping mechanisms for managing triggers and cravings. Ray Recovery offers a ray of light in the darkness of addiction struggles, illuminating a path toward recovery. Call 888.598.6299 to learn more about our substance abuse treatment programs.

Types of SUDs We Treat at Ray Recovery

At Ray Recovery, we understand that not everyone experiences addiction the same way. For this reason, we have specialized substance abuse treatment programs targeting a wide array of substances. These programs will also get at the underlying causes of an individual’s addiction and provide personalized treatment to facilitate recovery. Some of the SUD treatment programs we offer include the following: Regardless of how or why you ended up caught in the cycle of addiction, Ray Recovery can help. We are a ray of hope in the darkness of addiction.

Benefits of Substance Abuse Treatment Services

The benefits of SUD treatment services are wide-ranging. Engaging in such programs can lead to significant improvements in substance use and quality of life. Substance abuse treatment programs offer many benefits, including:
  • Structured and personalized treatment plans designed to meet the individual’s specific needs
  • Holistic approaches that focus on addressing the root causes of addiction
  • Evidence-based therapeutic practices to help those struggling with addiction understand why they are using and how to break the cycle
  • Counseling and support groups that provide individuals with a safe place to talk about their substance use in order to foster healing.
  • Skills to help individuals address substance abuse-related issues, such as managing stress and triggers or developing healthier coping skills
  • Educational materials and resources to help individuals
Professional substance abuse treatment services provide a comprehensive approach that addresses an individual’s specific needs while instilling the skills to help them lead a life of recovery.

Common Therapies Used in Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Therapies used in the treatment of SUD can range from evidence-based therapies to holistic approaches. The various therapeutic approaches ensure that the right approach can be applied to each individual to achieve the best possible outcomes for recovery. Some of the therapies we employ at Ray Recovery include, but are not limited to, the following: Additionally, some treatments may involve medication-assisted treatment (MAT), which uses FDA-approved medications like buprenorphine for opioid use disorder.

What to Expect from Substance Abuse Treatment Services

The best possible outcome of a substance abuse treatment program is long-term sobriety and self-sufficiency; however, this can vary greatly depending on the severity of the issue and how long someone has been using drugs/alcohol. The length of stay in a substance abuse treatment program can also vary depending on individual needs. Generally, shorter stays are available for those with a less severe form of addiction, while more extended stays are recommended for those requiring intensive care and support services. At Ray Recovery, we offer outpatient treatment in the form of a partial hospitalization program (PHP) or intensive outpatient program (IOP).

Partial Hospitalization Program

A partial hospitalization program is a highly structured and intensive treatment program that is designed to provide the same level of care as an inpatient program with the added flexibility of being able to continue living at home. This type of substance abuse treatment program requires individuals to attend multiple sessions per week for several hours a day over the course of 4 to 8 weeks.

Intensive Outpatient Program

An intensive outpatient program is a more flexible substance abuse treatment service that provides individuals with the same level of care and support as a PHP but with fewer hours per week. Individuals in an IOP typically attend group treatment 3 to 5 days a week for several hours and individual therapy sessions 1 or 2 times per week.

Contact Ray Recovery for Substance Abuse Treatment Services

No matter the duration or type of substance abuse treatment program needed, seeking one out as soon as possible is essential to restore balance in one’s life. With proper care, those suffering from substance dependence can gain insight into their disease, learn new skills to cope with triggers, build healthier relationships, develop more positive behaviors, and ultimately work toward living their best life.

Ray Recovery is ready to be a ray of light guiding you or a loved one toward recovery. Call 888.598.6299 or contact us online to get started today.