Where Can I Find Holistic Therapy in Akron, OH?

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If you or a loved one is struggling with substance use in Ohio, know that you’re not alone. Quality treatment services that acknowledge not only your mental health but physical and emotional well-being are available. For services near Akron, Ohio, call Ray Recovery at 888.598.6299. Our goal is to be a ray of hope for those caught in the cycle of addiction. We offer holistic therapy treatment in Akron, Ohio, easily accessible from both Akron and Cleveland.

The Need for Holistic Therapy for Substance Use in the Akron, Ohio Area

Summit County, where both Hudson and Akron are located, has a concrete need for quality substance use treatment. According to Summit County Public Health’s Drug Overdose Data Brief – August 2023, in 2022, Summit County emergency rooms treated about 1,065 drug overdoses. This equates to 2.9 overdoses per day during the period.

Moreover, the vast majority of overdose mortalities involved the notorious opioid fentanyl. That said, methamphetamines and cocaine also figured heavily. Over a third of deaths involved the former, and about one-quarter involved the latter. Also importantly, the majority of OD victims had more than one dangerous substance in their systems coroners examined them1.

Taken together, these facts paint an impactful picture. Many residents of the Akron, Ohio, area are struggling with substance use. Clearly, an effective treatment solution is needed, and at Ray Recovery, such services are available. We’re conveniently located near Akron, where we can serve populations in particular need of quality substance use treatment. Especially helpful in this effort is holistic treatment. This addiction and mental health intervention style provides wrap-around care for clients’ physical, cognitive, and emotional needs.

What to Expect from a Holistic Treatment Modality

Holistic treatment entails both conventional substance use recovery care alongside other offerings that round out the experience for the client. Most importantly, holistic treatments are proven to increase clients’ odds of lasting success. Thus, rehab still starts with foundational treatments, including detoxification, one-on-one counseling featuring techniques like cognitive-behavioral therapy, and relapse prevention planning.

Caregivers also work to identify instances of dual diagnosis and treat them accordingly. This means if an addiction client is living with a mental health condition like PTSD or depression, this will be addressed alongside their substance use. Dual diagnosis care is generally far more effective than isolated substance use treatment. This is so because untreated mental illness is highly likely to trigger relapses in substance use at a later date.

Beyond conventional treatments like the above, holistic therapy clients also engage in offerings to support physical and spiritual recovery. A few examples of such treatment additions include:

  • Yoga or other movement therapy that teaches breath control, relaxation techniques, and accessible self-regulation through physical exercise
  • Art or music therapy that cultivates clients’ ability to express themselves and process stress in healthy and constructive ways
  • Nutrition counseling which gives clients the knowledge and tools to maintain a healthy and balanced diet supporting ongoing recovery and health
  • Meditation or mindfulness training that develops clients’ capacity for present-moment awareness and ability to transcend their triggers to resume using
  • Animal-assisted therapies that help clients build empathy and compassion for other beings and, by extension, for themselves in recovery

Learn More About Ohio Holistic Therapy at Ray Recovery Near Akron Today

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction in the Akron area, remember Ray Recovery is at your service. Our compassionate team is waiting to assist you at 888.598.6299 or via online message. Offering holistic therapy and located in the northern Akron suburb of Hudson, our center is accessible from the metro Akron area via OH-8 North. We’re located just northeast of the junction of Norton and Darrow roads.


1Summit County Public Health – “Drug Overdose Visits to Hospital Emergency Rooms”