Where Can I Find Meth Addiction Treatment in Hudson, OH?

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Many drugs are dangerous with long-term habitual use, but methamphetamines pose a particular danger due to their elevated addiction potential and very high toxicity. If you or a loved one is using this hazardous compound, seek help right away. The caring team at Ray Recovery is available at 888.598.6299, and we’re eager to help you begin the recovery process.

Meth addiction treatment in Hudson, Ohio, where our center is located, is especially important due to the drug’s wide availability. Our evidence-based intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization treatments are available within a truly inviting local context. Nearby attractions include beautiful Hudson Springs Park, the Hudson Historic District, and Case Barlow Farm. Find effective Hudson, Ohio, meth addiction treatment today at our center on Georgetown Road just east of Ohio Highway 91 / Darrow Road.

The Need for Hudson Meth Addiction Treatment

In a 2020 report by The Ohio Substance Abuse Monitoring Network examining the period of June 2019 to January 2020, the organization found that meth usage remains highly problematic in the northeast Ohio counties of Portage, Stark, and Summit, the latter being where Hudson is located. Using focus groups including current and former users along with input from law enforcement and treatment providers, the Network concluded:

  • Availability ratings made by participants and treatment providers for the drug were quite high. Most chose 10 out of 10, where 0 was “not available, impossible to get” and 10 was “Highly available, extremely easy to get.”
  • One participant noted, “It’s everywhere; Everybody is selling it,” while a treatment provider added, “It’s just as easy to find as marijuana.”
  • Both treatment providers and participants attributed meth’s increased presence partly to the widespread belief that it eases opiate withdrawal symptoms.
  • Participants noted that smoking and injecting meth were equally prevalent delivery methods.
  • The cost of meth has decreased substantially, by up to two-thirds, in recent years. Likewise, the drug is easy to adulterate. Many possible substances can be cut into it to increase sellers’ profits. These factors combined likely contribute to the uptick in usage.1

Clearly, meth is a problem in the northeastern Ohio area, and adequate information and treatment are needed.

The Dangers of Meth and Signs Treatment May Be in Order

There are many significant health risks associated with using meth, like brain damage, heart disease, and major deterioration of the teeth and gums. Adverse life effects such as job loss, homelessness, and estrangement from loved ones are also common. Noticing the early indicators of meth use disorder and finding qualified treatment expeditiously is therefore essential. Here are some signs for which to be on the lookout:

  • Intense weight loss with outward signs potentially including sunken skin, especially around the cheekbones
  • “Meth mouth,” characterized by severe tooth decay and gum disease
  • Skin damage caused by self-inflicted scratching or other low-level self-harm
  • Psychotic breaks like crawling sensations on the skin, hallucinations, or extreme paranoia
  • Frequent periods of intense anger that can even trigger violence
  • A great deal of sleeplessness and its attendant psychotic and metabolic risks, potentially lasting an entire two weeks during a meth binge

If you or a loved one is abusing methamphetamines, don’t wait to get help. In the context of an accredited rehab program, you can go through detox with medical support and then set out on the road toward holistic recovery. You’ll explore the roots of your addiction in one-on-one counseling and also receive help for any underlying mental illness that may co-occur with your substance use. Group therapy, too, can support you in this time by furnishing accountability, peer support, and practice relating in healthy ways.

Begin Quality Ohio Addiction Treatment by Contacting Ray Recovery Today

At Ray Recovery, we’ll always put your individual treatment needs first. We strive to be a ray of hope in the treatment community and offer evidence-based interventions that can help you take back the reins of your life. Conveniently located halfway between Akron and Cleveland in Hudson, Ohio, we’re on Georgetown Road, east of Highway 91 and west of Barlow Road. Call 888.598.6299 or send us a message online to begin the conversation about meth treatment or get help with other substance abuse concerns.

1Ohio Substance Abuse Monitoring Network – “Drug Abuse Trends in the Akron-Canton Region”