Where Can I Find Trauma Therapy in Hudson, OH

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Getting effective trauma therapy treatment, if you need it, can be a game-changer for lasting improvement to quality of life. Traumatic events affect millions of people, so you are truly in good company if you are coping with something similar. The caring team at Ray Recovery near Akron, OH, would love to assist you in finding support. We’re available at 888.598.6299 and offer evidence-based trauma therapy at our center in Hudson, OH.

The Need for Trauma Therapy in Hudson

Summit County, Ohio, where both Hudson and Akron are located, has been very hard hit by the national opioid crisis. As of the end of summer 2023, over 80% of the county’s overdose deaths involved fentanyl. In some cases, autopsies found other substances alongside the infamous opioid as well. The statistic comes from the Akron Beacon Journal, which cites the Summit County Public Health Department.

Experts have demonstrated a clear link between abusing opioids and other substances and having a history of trauma. According to a 2019 issue of PTSD Research Quarterly, “The co-occurrence of PTSD with an alcohol use disorder is approximately 42%, nicotine dependence is close to 38%, and other drug use disorders involving cocaine, opiates, sedatives, stimulants, and other substances constitute another 22% of patients.” It’s thus imperative that trauma-informed care be made available to people in substance abuse treatment.

Officials within Summit County governance likewise recognize this important link. In a news release last February, County Executive Ilene Shapiro wrote, “In recognition of the role trauma can play in substance use disorder, the County is partnering with the University of Akron to create a single multi-year strategic plan of systemic, top-down organizational changes within county agencies to implement trauma-informed care. This approach recognizes that organizations and providers should acknowledge an individual’s circumstances of the past and present, including trauma. Adopting such an approach can improve outcomes and lead to more effective treatment and support. It will also benefit all residents and clients the County serves.”

What to Expect From a Trauma Therapy Treatment Program

For many people diagnosed with a substance use disorder, trauma-informed care is clearly important. It therefore bears examining what kinds of specific interventions residential or outpatient rehabs offer. Here are a few common trauma interventions that work well within substance abuse rehab:

  • Exposure therapy, which helps clients gradually face triggering imagery or memories within the safe containment of guided talk therapy sessions
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy, which can help alleviate trauma-related thoughts and drug cravings by teaching clients to identify and shift their cognitions
  • EMDR, a tried-and-true neuroscience technique that helps restore electrical signaling between the right and left brain hemispheres during talk therapy related to trauma, thus giving clients a greater ability to emotionally process past experiences
  • Pharmaceutical interventions like prescription selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, which are non-addictive and can help clients cope with the anxiety and depression that often accompany trauma
  • Holistic and somatic approaches like yoga and tai chi that help clients put their bodies’ natural healing and processing capacities to work in service of psychological repair and self-expression

With personalized treatment plans that provide a combination of evidence-based therapies and holistic approaches, we can help you or a loved one seeking trauma therapy in Hudson, OH.

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