Could My Family Benefit from Therapy?

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Coping with the disease of addiction is never easy for the individual affected or their loved ones. The effects of substance abuse can be quite far-reaching. Working at the level of the primary support network is one of the most effective treatment strategies. If you’d like to learn more about family benefits from therapy, contact Ray Recovery today. Our Ohio services offer a range of addiction recovery options, including evidence-based family therapy treatment. Call 888.598.6299 today to get more information.

What Happens in Family Therapy for Addiction?

Like all aspects of addiction treatment, family therapy providers customize offerings for each individual client and their loved ones. For example, family therapy can take place in person or online. The latter potentially allows for greater participation from those with commuting limitations. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth services have gained traction and popularity as a viable mental and behavioral health treatment.

It should also be said that family therapy encompasses loved ones who are functionally part of the family but not related by blood or law. Simply put, “family” is a group of people who love, support, and depend on one another. If someone is part of a client’s support network and the client’s journey affects them, they’re probably a therapy candidate.

There are a number of typical throughlines present in family therapy offerings. For instance, most endeavors highlight:

  • Education about the disease process of addiction and the physical and psychological journey of recovery
  • Discussing and setting reasonable boundaries so that family members have a sense of respect and personal agency within the home
  • Learning concrete communication skills such as active listening and awareness of tone and body language
  • Exploring shared values and background in an effort to tap into and increase compassion
  • Identifying areas where values may differ between family members and exploring how this affects perceptions and behavior
  • Problem-solving by airing needs and making requests
  • Examining family members’ roles within the unit and the family’s overall organization to identify and dismantle harmful patterns feeding addiction

By exploring a diverse range of family dynamics, the team at Ray Recovery can discover the best approach to healing and recovery.

What Are Some Key Therapy Benefits for My Family?

Like group therapy, family therapy acknowledges the client’s identity as a social being. Addiction can be very isolating, and interpersonal support is typically key for lasting sobriety. Moreover, family members themselves typically fare better in the long term if they take an active interest in their loved one’s treatment. Some of the many benefits of family therapy include:

  • Increased likelihood that clients will complete their treatment program
  • A greater chance that the client will avoid relapse following treatment, thus reducing hardship for themself and their loved ones
  • Mediation for content that could be challenging to discuss productively without supervision from an objective outsider
  • A sense of love and support for the client
  • The opportunity to repair the damage done to relationships through the client’s substance abuse
  • Examining family history of substance abuse and/or mental health concerns
  • Greater coping strategies and effective stress management skills for family
  • The chance to identify and break cycles within the family that contribute to addiction or other dysfunctional behavior
  • Opportunities to assess responsibilities within the family so labor is divided fairly
  • Greater awareness of mental health which may prompt families to examine any issues they themselves have and seek further treatment

Many of these benefits work together to help move individuals and families toward healing and recovery.

Reap the Benefits of Family Therapy at Ray Recovery

Addiction recovery works best when clients are part of a compassionate and committed team. At Ray Recovery, we support this idea by offering our clients effective family therapy and group therapy services. Call us at 888.598.6299 or reach out online to learn more about our expanding service headquartered in Hudson, Ohio.