How Can You Help Someone with a Cocaine Addiction?

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If someone you care about is struggling with an addiction to cocaine, it’s normal to wonder how best you can help. While the drug’s effects can be quite serious and far-reaching, rest assured that recovery is possible. If you’re seeking a cocaine addiction treatment program in the Ohio area, contact Ray Recovery. Our Hudson-based team is standing by to give you more information on helping someone with cocaine addiction, and we offer a wide range of evidence-based programs.

How Can I Help Someone With Cocaine Addiction?

Here are some key points to bear in mind if you’re planning to speak with a loved one about their cocaine use:

  • Being understanding and empathetic goes a long way. Communicating, first and foremost, to the person using cocaine that you care about them is a great way to begin. Tell them that you completely support their recovery and know that it’s an ongoing process that isn’t easy. Express that you understand that relapse is often a part of recovery, as this can help them trust that you do not have unrealistic expectations.
  • Remember that addiction is a disease of the brain rather than a choice. While your loved one may have initially used cocaine voluntarily, if their usage has become habitual, they likely have experienced the profound brain changes associated with the drug. They aren’t fully the masters of their own decision-making anymore. Be understanding about this reality.
  • Be prepared for anger or rationalization and know that, fundamentally, this is not a personal attack. People addicted to cocaine, and many other drugs for that matter, frequently don’t acknowledge the depth of its negative impact on their lives. If you’re met with an angry or deflecting response, remind yourself that your loved one is living with something that profoundly impacts their rational processing.
  • Consider getting professional support and training. Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) is especially helpful in supporting the loved ones of those living with addiction. This evidence-based technique gives loved ones tools for coping with stress, teaches effective communication, reduces enabling behaviors, and gives concrete training on how to bring up the topic of rehab.

What Can I Expect from Cocaine Withdrawal and Addiction Treatment?

The physical withdrawal process from cocaine can be very intense, so gaining perspective on what to expect is helpful. The drug floods the brain’s dopamine circuit, which is responsible for feelings of pleasure and reward. Thus, when cocaine is no longer present, the addicted person goes through a phase called “crashing.” This acute withdrawal phase generally occurs between one and three days after the final use. Exhaustion, insomnia, anxiety, and flu-like symptoms are common.

Following this, formal withdrawal begins and lasts for up to four weeks. The greatest risk of relapse exists in this phase because cravings are extremely intense. Low energy and concentration, high appetite, and paranoia are also common symptoms. Finally, the person in recovery goes through extinction. This phase lasts four weeks or more, during which cravings happen sporadically, and the person recovering can learn a great deal about their triggers.

Needless to say, getting adequate care and supervision during and beyond the three phases of cocaine withdrawal is vital to success. It’s advisable to go through the crashing and withdrawal phases under medical care since any available cocaine can be very hard to resist. Following this, a formal rehab program is incredibly supportive for dealing with the extinction phase and moving forward. As triggers become apparent, it’s helpful to discuss them with a trained addiction therapist and develop concrete coping strategies, make arrangements for supportive lifestyle changes, and join a peer support group to develop healthy accountability.

Get Help with Cocaine Addiction by Contacting Ray Recovery Today

Getting free from cocaine dependence is never easy, but with proper care, the challenge is surmountable. If someone you love is struggling, know that you’re not alone. Abusing cocaine is incredibly common, and fortunately, this means its treatment and addiction process are well understood as well. Contact Ray Recovery online or call 888.598.6299 to connect to cocaine addiction treatment services in Ohio today.